Monday, February 16, 2009

"No matter how much we are hurt, God knows about it, cares about it, and so, through his love, we are sometimes enabled to let go our hurts. But it is not only our hurts which we are required to give over but our wholeness too, it must all be his." 
-Walking on Water, Madeline L'Engle

Lord, Lord!

We need You.

We need to give our hurts to God to be truly deeply healed, but that requires giving our wholeness to God.

Maybe it's not so much the flesh that has fallen, but people's souls are mutilated.
by their own sin,
Writhing in pain inside of themselves,
Fighting against the self-imposed walls meant to protect

That's the thing about walls,
They keep things out, but they hold everything inside.

How to let go...
How to let go?

Break them.
Crush them.
O so fragile the spirit of the man behind the stone facade!
O so fragile the aching heart that has so long been concealed!
Patched, and Re-patched 
but ever Ripping and Breaking open. 
The same wounds won't heal
the same bandages won't cover
even the bandages are rotting.
for some medication that really works!
for a Savior!

but who can stitch a soul?
Needles Pierce!
Who will be gentle with their fragile, fragile hearts?

You will draw them near
You will touch, and the pain may make them cringe
the burn of the cleansing may be too much for some to bear..

Be gentle.
Correct, but do spare our lives

Make right the hurts
Make clean the festering sores

Brick, by brick 
You take down the walls

Free us.
Shield us.

The only one with strong enough hands and a gentle enough touch.

such mercy coupled with such strength!

Teach my feeble hands to take care of Your children.
Touch me so I may touch them
Strengthen me so I may strengthen them.

Perfect love drives out fear
Show me that love and let that love flow through my every moment
every breath

I will not be afraid because you love me, 

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